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Trusted SharePoint services partner

Influential is a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies across cloud, development, integration, security, and database technologies. Our SharePoint services team helps large enterprises and SMEs implement, customise, and optimise SharePoint solutions.

Here’s what to expect from our SharePoint approach:

  Strong planning

A detailed SharePoint implementation plan is key to your success.

  Fully managed

Get a project-managed team for your SharePoint implementation.

  Data integration

Connect any data or applications to your SharePoint interface.

  Scalable platform

Our SharePoint solutions are designed for your long-term value.

Proven SharePoint implementation consultant – Our process

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SharePoint planning

Clear and actionable goals are a must for successful SharePoint deployment. We’ll work with you to define the policies, roles, responsibilities, and processes you need. Then our experts will draw up a SharePoint implementation plan with agreed timelines.

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SharePoint configuration

SharePoint configuration is where our consultants translate your business requirements into software features. From intranets to document management systems, BI to extranets, we use Microsoft best practices to ensure a high-quality solution.

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SharePoint deployment

Now that your SharePoint solution is configured to your needs, we’re ready to roll the solution out to users. We conduct several rounds of technical and user-based testing before proceeding to SharePoint deployment.

Solving SharePoint implementation challenges

Implemented correctly, SharePoint brings great benefits in productivity and efficiency. But to reach those gains, you need to overcome a set of technical and decisional challenges. That’s where our SharePoint experts help.

Disorganised content

Do you have clear guidelines on how to tag content? Is your platform suffering from poor content organisation? We’ll help your staff with SharePoint training.

Special requirements

Have your processes outgrown the pre-built functionality of SharePoint? Our SharePoint developers can fill the gap with a custom-built extension to your solution.


Cloud uncertainty

Is cloud secure enough? Do you have the resources for on-premise? And how can hybrid combine both? We’ll help you evaluate these options in line with your business requirements.

Undefined governance

Who should be able to access which content? And how can you achieve content security? Benefit from the lessons we’ve learned from working with regulated industries.

Our SharePoint services lead to success

From banking to manufacturing, retail to logistics, and insurance to property, our SharePoint specialists serve all sectors.


A manufacturer connected teams across factories with our custom SharePoint implementation.


An insurer streamlined its underwriting processes with our document management solution.


A global charity used our Sharepoint expertise to remove the risk of fines.


A tech consultancy was better able to manage clients with our project management intranet.

Your SharePoint deployment options

Our SharePoint implementation consultants are often asked, “Which SharePoint deployment is right for my business?” For a quick guide, see our comparison of the SharePoint deployment options below.

SharePoint Online

Suitable if you:

  • don’t have productivity tools available
  • want to standardise your mixed toolsets
  • don’t want to manage updates or software distribution

Unsuitable if you:

  • have a policy that prohibits cloud services
  • don’t need remote SharePoint access
  • use customisations that aren’t supported online

SharePoint On-Premises

Suitable if you:

  • have the infrastructure needed for the environment
  • don’t need to use SharePoint remotely
  • dwant customisations that aren’t possible online

Unsuitable if you:

  • have no data centre, or one that isn’t sufficient
  • don’t have the staff required for maintenance
  • need to access SharePoint from anywhere

    SharePoint Hybrid

    Suitable if you:

    • have policies that permit cloud services in some cases
    • have compliance requirements for certain areas
    • want to access SharePoint beyond your premises

    Unsuitable if you:

    • have no compliance requirements at all
    • have no need for customisation
    • have compliance requirements for all content

      FAQ about our SharePoint services

      Why do I need a SharePoint implementation partner?
      If you want SharePoint to be the go-to platform for your people, the platform has to meet their needs perfectly. Achieving this match between people, processes, and technology isn’t as simple as it sounds.

      Our SharePoint experts will analyse your needs and translate them into a highly tailored solution. And our implementation services ensure that solution is rolled out to staff flawlessly, so they see the value from day one.

      What are Influential's credentials for SharePoint?
      Influential is a Microsoft Gold Partner, meaning we’ve demonstrated the highest level of competency with Microsoft technologies.

      Our SharePoint consultants have 15 years of experience serving both FTSE 100 businesses and SMEs. We’re confident you won’t find a more qualified team of SharePoint experts.

      Can you support SharePoint after our implementation?
      We offer SharePoint support and managed services to solve technical issues and provide ongoing customisation. Our consultants can also upskill staff with tailored SharePoint training.

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