Seamless intranet migration

Supporting a global FMCG company with ownership transition

Make-up and beauty items in front of a mirror to represent FMCG SharePoint migration

Executive Brief

Moving to a new intranet

Our client is a large enterprise with an impressive portfolio of businesses. They had recently sold their beauty division and needed to hand over the SharePoint intranet to the buyer. Fortunately, we were brought onboard to ensure the new owner could access and produce content, whilst preserving the integrity of the content.
Their top priorities were a smooth transitions of authority, to remove previous permissions and to gain a simple to use intranet.

The Challenge

Separating intranets and data

The client recently sold their beauty division and was looking for ways to seamlessly migrate the intellectual property, access, and authority over to the buyer. The client needed a guarantee that their employees would not be able to access the sites after the transition of ownership. They also wanted to ensure that the website would not be damaged or crash during this process. As a result, we took their requirements and decided on the following actions:

  • Analyse affected areas and directories
  • Make sure correct access rights were revoked
  • Migrate content from the intranet
  • Add the proper access rights

Upon reviewing the sites and directories, there were over 400 locations to be moved across and repermissioned individually. In order to maintain the integrity of these sites, then the sites would need to be hosted within the client’s SharePoint.

The Solution

Sorting sensitive information

We have a history of documented success with Sharepoint. We’ve worked with global technology companies, manufacturers and insurers to make sure they comply with Sharepoint.

To ensure a smooth and seamless migration, we decided to start moving the content before the official divestment date. This would give us more room to go over and check that every site was repermissioned and content was migrated over in time. Therefore, we needed to make the process as quick as possible so the buyer could take over in an instant.

The Results

A successful intranet migration

The primary benefit of this portal solution was that the buyer was able to take over control quickly and without issues. From that point, they quickly access all their assets through one central point. The websites were all preserved as they remained on the client’s intranet and thus, were able to have the same comfortable experience with SharePoint.

As a result, the buyer will now be able to create a central point to access sites and data, work efficiently, and with a sense of cohesiveness. Finally, other benefits to the client include:

  • efficient training
  • easy to use
  • customisable
  • enhanced communication