Insurance SharePoint development


Insurance company finds business success with SharePoint

An insurance application form being filled out to represent SharePoint Insurance cast study.

Executive Brief

Consolidating global storage

When several insurance companies merged into a new entity, the client urgently needed to unite its disparate staff and documents together. Influential Software solved this challenge with custom insurance intranet development in SharePoint. The benefits of this insurance SharePoint intranet were: 

  • Custom user permissions 
  • United documents and processes  
  • Better workforce cohesion 
  • Full compliance across countries 

    The Challenge

    Post-merger unification

    The company reached out to us for help on a pre-existing intranet. The service included remote maintenance and development via a VPN, as well as a 24/7 helpdesk.  

    But there was soon another challenge: the company had decided to merge with several small insurers under a new name. This meant the existing intranet no longer encapsulated all the company’s teams and processes. 

    Post-merger, the old intranet experienced the following issues: 

    • a lack of appropriate user roles and permissions for new staff 
    • no ability to coordinate processes across multiple countries 
    • a need to meet more complex compliance rules in a multinational context 
    • a requirement for rebranding to reflect the company’s new identity 

    These drawbacks convinced the insurance company that SharePoint intranet development was an urgent necessity.

    The Solution

    Renewed insurance intranet development

    Based on our proven SharePoint expertise, the insurer engaged our software engineers to build the new global intranet. Use of best practices and out-of-the-box functionality wherever possible helped us shorten the intranet build time. This approach meant fewer development hours and greater value for the client.

    Through SharePoint Active Directory integration, we created a seamless corporate news hub. Features included custom forms, workflows, and metadata-based navigation tools. We specified distinct access permissions for users based on their roles within the company.

    Finally, we linked the intranet to the company’s internal and external applications, providing a single interface for all business processes.

    Our consultants provided a fully costed analysis of alternatives to SharePoint and detailed our implementation process. Once the company agreed to our POC proposal, we were able to develop the required functionality for them over the course of a few days.

    The Results

    A future-proof intranet

    With the new global intranet in place, the insurance company was able to manage its new workforce effectively across countries. Staff had the tools they needed to complete their business tasks quickly and efficiently. The business was safe from the risk of data compliance issues.  

    To summarise, the core benefits of this insurance SharePoint intranet project included;  

    • bringing staff from several companies together under one banner 
    • coordinating multiple teams’ work across divisions and countries 
    • keeping all staff informed of company news and regulations 
    • enabling collaboration while maintaining compliance 
    • providing security through role-based access permissions 

    Following on from the success, the company has engaged with Influential several times over the past few years, and we look forward to a long standing business relationship.