SharePoint Charity Intranet

Top tier SharePoint charity intranet solution

Group of volunteers putting their hands together as part of a team to represent SharePoint charity intranet

Executive Brief

Empowering communication with SharePoint Charity Intranet

Our most recent client provides humanitarian aid to over 55 countries in America, Africa, and Asia. This international work means they need to keep track of aircrafts, pilots, and support staff, alongside large volumes of supplies.

With the help of our digital experts helped create a new SharePoint charity intranet system that enabled staff to stay in touch on the day-to-day, regardless of where they are in the world.

The Challenge

Enable a seamless workflow

When our client first reached out they were in the midst of a crisis. Their current intranet system was causing compliance issues around pilots licences and cost a significant amount in fines. Reliance on manual processes was time consuming and cost the charity valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere. In short, the charity’s 2007 SharePoint system was costing more time and money than it was worth.

The main issues:

  • Out of date
  • Connectivity issues
  • Organisational issues

The UK headquarters needed to create a seamless workflow to reduce the need for manual tasks. Global access was also a priority for pilots consistently away from the UK. Access was essential, even when they were based in countries with poor connectivity.

The current charity SharePoint was severely out of date and hard to use. They needed a new portal that could provide:

  • Accessibility
  • Save time
  • Efficiently focus on new tasks

It was clear to both parties that upgrading the intranet would be vital to help the client reach these goals.

The Solution

Build a new cloud

Thanks to a longstanding history of SharePoint success. Over the past 30 years of business, we’ve had the chance to work with global companies of all sizes and sectors to ensure they comply with SharePoint.

To empower our client to regain control of their intranet, we decided to help them create a brand new charity intranet on SharePoint. Doing this would eliminate the compliance failures and boost organisational value.

We created automated notifications for licences that were due to exposure, our SharePoint developers ensured the charity could easily manage the situation. We also introduced a permissions system that made sure only those with the proper authority could access information. The solution was ideal for several reasons:

  • accessible anywhere
  • data security
  • free flow of information
  • enhances productivity

The Results

Modern SharePoint solution for engineering business

The biggest benefit of this Charity SharePoint Solution was the staffs new ability to access company information no matter where they were based.

Another key benefit was the intranet being used as a staff directory. People could view the organisational structure with ease and stay up to date on the staff deployment.

Overall, the business benefits of this solution were:

  • centralised access
  • easy to use
  • accessible anywhere
  • enhanced flow of information