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Collaboration and communication are key to business success. Microsoft Sharepoint is an easy-to-use system that lets your teams and partners work together in real-time locally or worldwide.

The Intranet is so well used it has now become every employees’ default home page.

SharePoint’s secure Intranets boost communication between your internal teams and encourage collaboration. The intranets we build are global business hubs that provide synchronised resources for teams, creating better project management and task efficiency.

Influential had successfully completed projects for us before… the impact of the SharePoint Intranet on collaboration far exceeded our expectations.

Microsoft SharePoint Extranets allow you to communicate securely with your business partners, vendors or clients. Our experienced teams build private, secure networks for use internally or externally. Whether exchanging data, or collaborating with other companies on joint projects – these solutions allow you to conduct your business with ease.

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