SharePoint Extranet Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint Extranets: Driving Business Value

Boost the value of your B2B operations by improving inter-business collaboration and communication. Connect your organisation directly to partners, suppliers and vendors over a private network, ensuring you share specific information with only the contacts who need it.
A secure web-based portal to streamline communication, eliminate repetitive interactions and better connect with your clients.

Extranets are an enterprise portal can enable your business to:

  • Exchange Documents and Data within a restricted secure environment
  • Clients can manage their own accounts, billing and more
  • Share B2B news and events with just your business network

Microsoft SharePoint – the industry standard for Extranets

SharePoint is the industry choice for sharing sensitive information securely over an extranet.
If your business vendors or clients already use Microsoft Office then a SharePoint extranet is ready primed to securely share information in the formats your business partners already use.
Build better connections and share information quickly and safely, saving all parties time and money.

You can have a SharePoint Extranet that will:

  • Improve customer service with self-service solutions
  • Give you wide project management features
  • Enable you to collaborate with your partners in real-time
  • Help promote your services and products and services to just the right people

Why choose SharePoint-Influential Consulting for your Extranet?

SharePoint-Influential have a range of expertise and years of experience creating business extranets to empower organisations.
Our dedicated team will work with you at every stage of the process, to fully understand your requirements and planning for your exact Extranet needs. Our Agile development process, close working relationship and working to Microsofts best practice principles in mind, your Extranet will be the ideal solution for your enterprise.

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